Caravan (Dye-to-Order)

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Sport (4ply) ⎜354 yards ⎜100g

70/10/10/10: SW Extrafine Merino, Camel, Cashmere, & Mulberry Silk

CARAVAN IS BACK!!! Now available on a dyed-to-order basis so you can always get exactly the quantity you want.

Caravan is the yarn base that allows you to unapologetically have your cake and eat it too.

From it’s conception I asked for a lot from Caravan:  1) I wanted it to be made exclusively with fine natural fibers, 2) I wanted it to sing luxury from the first touch and continue to delight with every delicious stitch, and 3) I wanted it to be a yarn without borders, ideal for any project, even the hardest wearing projects (sweaters and socks). The combination of fine merino, cashmere, camel, and mulberry silk provides the hand I dreamed of. The unique mill construction provides the strength. And as a sport weight yarn that leans toward light sport it also offers welcome versatility, being a perfectly good choice for both sport weight and fingering weight projects. Ultimately, Caravan is a yarn that boasts the ability to be sweet and strong without compromise.

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