Our Yarn Bases

50% Yak & 50% Mulberry Silk⎜ fingering ⎜415 yards  
Thoreau offers the fine hand and bloom of Yak fiber, along with the strength and luster of Mulberry Silk. This base blooms to create a clean full stitch definition while retaining a clean diameter around the yarn (minimizing halo). Unlike many yarns with such a deliciously soft hand, Thoreau achieves a superb stitch definition which accommodates lace as beautifully as stockinette. This base offers lightweight warmth in the coldest Winter months, and at a more open gauge it is a perfect choice for an airy wrap in the Fall and Spring seasons.
  • LINEA 
90% SW Fine Merino & 10% Cashmere⎜fingering⎜390 yards
Linea is a singles yarn that raises the already luscious hand of fine merino with the warmth and luxurious softness of cashmere. The fiber ratio was thoughtfully selected to maximize softness without sacrificing strength. Linea is carefully milled with a precise twist formula that prevents pilling without introducing bias or kinks into your stitches, yielding gorgeous stitch definition and the most lovely upon-the-skin fabrics.