Meet Amor

Please call me Amor. Yes, it means "Love," and yes, that is actually my name (shy smile)...I love you too mom. Anywho, it's a pleasure to have you here. I'm the owner and dyer of CRAVE Yarns. It was a rich path filled with wonderful memories and friendships that led me to CRAVE. I first held a strand of yarn between my little fingers when I was 8 years old. I recall with warm clarity sitting with my grandmother on a steam trunk (filled with her crocheted lace). In a soft shade on a sunny afternoon she taught me how to crochet a chain. That was exciting enough, but then she doubled the challenge and taught me how to take a short chain of three stitches and connect it into a circle. Now this was the perfect recipe for my young heart. I added row after row until I had a sweet little polka dot. That afternoon, with my grandmother's yarn scraps, I filled a small grocery bag with a rainbow of crochet polka dots. Later she taught me to stitch them together to make a blanket. It was compound creativity, and with her loving and patient instruction it was compound joy. 

As an adult, I enjoyed my first professional incarnation as an ethnographer. In the course of my research, I had the deeply satisfying pleasure of getting to know many kind and admirable people. Many of my research subjects ultimately became close friends. When I wasn't on research visits, I could often be found at home (or anywhere, really) knitting or crocheting a gift for one of these good friends...a gesture to say, "I'm glad to know you, I'm glad you are part of my life." 

Enter, the dyepot: Now, I know all of you out there understand how satisfying it is to give someone a gift that you have made with your own two hands, and all the better if it is something that really speaks to their tastes, or style, or need. Well, that's what drew me to fiber dyeing, the possibility of adding one more layer of thoughtful personalization to my hand knit and crocheted gifts. Now that elegant shawl that I've given to my dear friend is the first one she reaches for when she has a chill...not only because it's warm, soft, and beautifully patterned, but also because it's made in her favorite color. It speaks to her. That's what CRAVE is all about, giving all of you artisans (don't be modest now), fibers and colors that speak to you, and to anyone else who is lucky enough to receive your heartfelt handmade creations.

The leap into small business ownership was nothing less than a leap. In fact, you might envision me standing at the precipice of a tall cliff with a valley floor visible hundreds of feet below me. But just in front of me, spreading out from another cliff's ledge, is a grand and miraculous yarn stash (of course, what else would it be, silly). Well, I leapt. And now, reveling in the stash, I get the pleasure of offering my passion for fiber, color, and creation with other wooly kindred spirits...lovin' every minute of it. Launching a start-up is quite an adventure, but I have absolute confidence in what I have to offer you, and confidence in you that you'll see the unique value that CRAVE sets before you. In truth, this is a joint venture, between me and my fiber loving community, between me and you. Oh, and the sheep and alpaca, of course. 

Ultimately, both my first career and now my second, indulge my love of people and reverance for the beauty present in human relationships and everyday ingenuity. With that, I welcome you...