FAQs & Policies

Yarn weights...are they all fingering?

All of the current Crave offerings are for fingering weight yarns. What can I say...I ❤︎ fingering weight bases. Sure, I know that some projects require heavier weights and our bases can be held multiple to achieve heavier weight fabrics. Give it a try, you just might fall in love with the added squishiness and spring that a fabric worked with multiple strands held together provides..I can't get enough of it, myself.

What is hand-dyed yarn?

Crave Yarns are dyed in small batches of 6 skeins, and are tended very carefully by me throughout the process. I do not employ industrial scale equipment or processes that result in cookie cutter production. All of my dye recipes are original and are mixed fresh for every dye batch. It is a very tactile and personal process that connects me, the artisan, to the yarn and color at every step. Ultimately, Hand-dyed yarn is a matter of connection. When you buy CRAVE hand-dyed yarn you know that it was conceived and dyed by someone who loves yarn as much as you do, in a private studio in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico. And I send it directly to you. We are connected, without any degrees of separation, by the soft skein of yarn in your hands. Part of the beauty of this arrangement is that is doesn’t involve factory machines or big corporate infrastructures, it’s just me in an apron indulging in color play, with my favorite jazz or folk music playing through my headphones, day after lovely day.

Are yarn colors consistent?

You should know that hand-dyed yarn or fiber will always include slight variations. The is true of all hand-dyed yarns. From one batch to the next and even within batches the color doesn’t always strike the yarn in exactly the same place or in exactly the same way each time...it’s not so rigid as all that. But the variation is what makes it so wonderful to work with, the variation is what makes each of your CRAVE creations so unique in the world. So rather than expecting identical skeins, expect subtlety unique skeins in the colors you will undoubtedly love. 

Do your product photos accurately show your colorways?

I invest a great deal of time in achieving color accuracy for all of my product photos, and regularly calibrate my computer monitor to ensure proper editing and representation. However, I cannot control for variation on other monitors. So I can say that I do everything in my power to present my yarns and colorways accurately, but color is in the eye of the beholder (and their monitor's color calibration).  

Can I mix skeins from different batches?

On account of slight color variation between batches, I recommend buying all the yarn you need for your project right away. That way all of your skeins will be from the same dyelot. 

My skein weighs less that 100grams, why?

CRAVE skeins are not guaranteed on the basis of a 100 gram standard, typically my skeins are 95-100 grams depending on the base. This is why I do not list the weight of the skein on my tags, instead I check and guarantee the yardage of every skein that rolls out of my studio. So, you can trust that you are getting the yardage that you are expecting. 


Occasionally there will be a little dot or speckle of dye that is not consistent with the colorway that you chose--this is entirely normal with hand-dyed yarn. This is the result of a particle of color in the dye solution that did not fully dissolve in the dyebath. I take several precautions to avoid this from happening, but every now and then a stubborn little particle will win. These teeny tiny little dots are so small that they will disappear into your knitted/crocheted garment, really. 


All good threads come to an end and then there are knots. When hanks of yarn are skeined from a cone they will eventually run out of length and have to be joined to the next length of yarn. Because a single cone can hold up to 18 skeins worth of yarn, the knots are few and in between, but still they are inevitable. These are the itty bitty inconveniences we endure for the love of soft squishy goodness. 


My order is a gift for someone and I'd like to send along a personal message, how do I do that?

In the CART page (not checkout) there is a message box titled, "Special Instructions," this is where you can let me know that your purchase is a gift, and you can include a personal message here, as well. I take extra care in my packaging of gifts and will often include a small treat.   

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards directly on our site, as well as, PayPal payments. PayPal customers will be redirected to PayPal and returned to our site to finalize the purchase.

What is your Return Policy?

Refunds are only available for orders that have not yet been shipped; Prior to shipping, if you would like a refund, or to change the items in your order, we are happy to do so (except for patterns). For items that have been shipped, we will accept returns for shop credit only. We will not exchange for credit any skeins of yarn that are not in the condition they were received, they must be undamaged and cannot be wound into balls. We do not offer refunds, credit or exchanges for patterns.

Why should I sign up for a "Customer Account"?

I highly recommend that you sign-up for a customer account in order to participate in the Crave Rewards program, where every purchase earns credit toward your future orders. And another perk is that a customer account will make checkout a bit  faster for you, and it will allow you to track you orders, keep track of your order history and to protect your cart from being timed out. Your account information is for CRAVE alone; I will never share any of your information

How should I care for my CRAVE yarns?

Regardless of whether or not your yarn contains superwash fiber, I recommend that you hand wash your yarn and finished projects to keep them beautiful for a long long time. Soak in cool to tepid water with a very small amount of wool detergent.* Do not agitate excessively. Press water out gently. Remaining water can be removed by laying your item flat on a towel (or between towels if it's large), then folding item and towel over itself a few times and stepping on the wrapped bundle. Lay Flat to Dry (block if necessary).

Color Bleeding: Although I take every precaution to make sure all of my dyes are well set and thoroughly rinsed, the reality of hand-dyed yarns is that they may still lose a little color in the wash, and there is no reason to be alarmed. This is particularly possible with deeply saturated colors, especially those with blue or green tones. If you have any questions regarding this issue, don't hesitate to contact me.

* I’ve used, and like: Eucalan, Soak, or Dawn (blue/original) dish detergent. Do not use soap, which has a different ph profile than detergent.

What are your shipping rates and policies?

We ship with USPS. Priority Shipping is only offered within the U.S. Shipping/handling rates are determined by weight.

You will receive email notification once your order is shipped. 

In the U.S: 

First Class:

1st skein = $3.00 + $1 for each additional skein (up to 3 skeins)*

* the fourth skein will automatically bump your package into Priority Mail.


up to 1.5 lbs. = $6.50

1.51 to 3 lbs. = $13.00

3.01 to 6 lbs. = $17.00

To Canada (First Class):

up to 1 lb. = 10.00 + $5 for each additional lb. (~ 4 skeins / lb.)

To Mexico (First Class):

up to 1 lb. = 13.00 + $5 for each additional lb. (~ 4 skeins/ lb.)

Elsewhere in the Wonderfully Wide World (First Class): 

up to 1 lb. = $15 + $5 for each additional lb. (~ 4 skeins/ lb.)