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About Crave

Crave was established in 2013, the heart child of Amor, a fiber lover who decided to claim her passion for hue, texture, and playful luxury through artisan color creation and color story curation. In 2016, Amor met Patti (of Yarn Culture) at VKLive NY, and a long term collaborative friendship began. Over the years Amor and Patti built a creative partnership that grew deep roots and bloomed vividly through one fiber adventure after another. In 2020, that partnership evolved, yet further, and Crave Yarn become part of the Yarn Culture family.  Now Patti and Amor work closely to continue to grow Crave Yarn and daily dream up the next brilliantly colorful and luxuriously soft chapters in store for this brand they both love.

You will find that the universal variable for all Crave bases is softness. We selects yarns that are difficult to put down, yarns that want to be caressed—that will caress you in return when transformed into hand knit or crocheted fashion pieces. In perfect complement to these delectable textures, Amor and fellow color artisan, Hanna, create deeply layered and rich colorways that mesmerize. All in all, Crave yarns make you anxious for those glorious moments when you can steal away to your favorite chair to hold these delectable strands between your fingers and create lusciously threaded masterpieces.

So, if a skein of yarn has the power to evoke glee in your heart, if the feel of luxurious fibers is intoxicating, if beautiful hand-dyed colorways adorn your sweet dreams, then CRAVE is sure to be your cyber "happy place." And most importantly, if you are reading this profile then you are more than a prospective customer, you’re a kindred spirit for your love of beautiful natural fibers and color expression. In kind, we are delighted to have the opportunity to spoil you with luscious yarns, over and over again.