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To Crave


In the words of the illustrious citizens of Whoville, I say now, “We are here! We are here! We are here!” 

CraveYarn is officially open for business! Look around our CRAVE site and swim in your cravings for color. We have hand-dyed yarn ready-to-ship, and plenty of opportunities to pre-order skeins in so many glorious colorways, not to mention our clubs and gift cards.

It’s been an incredible journey to the beginning, and today I'm in the clouds with joy. Thank you to everyone who has supported me so far, and thank you in advance to all of my future CRAVE customers...we're going to have so much fun!   

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to crave...

As Crave Yarn stitches closer and closer each day to the "Shop" launch (early in the 2014 New Year), I grow ever more delighted by the process of building something sharable. What I mean by sharable is something that involves an exchange of something beautiful, and here I’m not just referring to the luxuriously soft, color-infused yarns that we will be shipping out around the world. I’m also thinking about the beautiful intentions associated with the delectable yarns you will be receiving, the items you envision creating, the feeling of satisfaction you will experience when the yarn first caresses your skin in the form of a cowl, socks or a sweater. I’m looking forward to sharing that sense of deep gratification you will derive from giving your finished crave accessory as a gift to someone you care for.

This meaning of shared beauty is at the very heart of Crave. You see, when I chose “CRAVE” as the brand name of my lovely hand-dyed yarns, I was imagining a wide spectrum of what it means to crave. So often we think of cravings as a vice …something to be avoided, a craving for just one more cookie. But cravings, really, are nothing more than desire for experience and there are so many experiences that we might crave that enrich our lives with joy, peace, friendship, and love. When I glance upon the rich colorways of Crave Yarns, I have an immediate emotional response to their beauty; I can imagine myself wearing a shawl stitched in “moonlit vineyard” or “lavender grove,” strolling along a quiet country road on a Fall morning. When I run my fingers over the yarn, I find myself eager to be in my favorite chair, the one where I rocked both of my daughters to sleep when they were tiny parcels of love. This is where I’ll sit with my needles (or hook) in hand to create a heartfelt gift for a friend or relative, this is where my fingers will indulge with every stitch in divine softness. As I turn the hank over in my hands and the light catches it, drawing out all the subtle color changes set into every yard, I anticipate the heart warmth I will experience when I deliver a handmade gift to someone I care about. I imagine the delight upon my loved one’s face when they receive a gift, in their favorite color, that was made exclusively with them in mind. All of these musings, these daydreams inspired by beautiful hand-dyed yarn, are cravings for the magical moments that arise from the will to create and share. In this way, through Crave, I am able to offer my love for beautiful fibers and color as an ingredient to help you realize your own craving to express yourself and be generous with your own talents and intentions.

Sharing, then, is a key aspect of my vision for Crave. I want to share my talents and love for beauty with other fiber lovers. I want to contribute to your generosity, toward yourself and others.

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